Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog
This is my Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog. I will be posting pictures and an explanation of how I design and make my instruments. I will also be covering other Greek bouzouki topics related to purchase, proper set up, and playing accessories. Please stop by often, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Completing the headstock

Shaping the headstock

The headstock is shaped by tracing around the headstock template and then rough cutting outside the line on the bandsaw.  Then the template is attached with screws, and the headstock is machined to its final shape on the router table with a template bit.


Marking the soundhole post holes

The holes for the tuning machines are then laid out and marked.  The holes are drilled before the slots are cut.

Heastock slotting jig


The slots are then laid out on the headstock and rouch cut with a coping saw.  The headstock is then placed into the slotting jig, and the slots are accurately machined on the router table with a template bit.


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