Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog
This is my Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog. I will be posting pictures and an explanation of how I design and make my instruments. I will also be covering other Greek bouzouki topics related to purchase, proper set up, and playing accessories. Please stop by often, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Making the Bridge

Fittle the bridge blank to the soundboard curvature

Fitting the bridge blank to the soundboard curvature

The bridge must be fitted to the curvature of the soundboard.  Place a strip of adhesive backed sandpaper on the soundboard at the position of the bridge.  Rub the bridge blank back and forth on the sandpaper until the bottom of the blank matches the curvature of the soundboard.

Checking saddle height

Checking saddle height

After fitting the blank to the soundboard, the blank can then be shaped and decorated to your prefered shape and level of decoration.  The string height is checked and the saddle is sanded to the correct height and then the saddle is notched to accept the strings.


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