Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog
This is my Greek Bouzouki Construction Blog. I will be posting pictures and an explanation of how I design and make my instruments. I will also be covering other Greek bouzouki topics related to purchase, proper set up, and playing accessories. Please stop by often, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Shaping the neck

Trimming neck

The neck is shaped to the players preferred shape.  There are different widths of necks, as well as thicknesses and shapes.  Some players prefer a very thick, beefy neck, while others prefer a very light, slim neck.  First, the neck is trimmed flush with the fretboard with a router and flush cutting bit.

Shaping the neck

The neck is preliminarily shaped with a quarter round shaping bit on the router table.  Then, the bouzouki is placed on the neck shaping jig, and the final shaping is done with rasps and spokeshaves, aided by a neck template.

Sanding the neck

Final shaping of the neck is done with a sanding block rolled over the neck from side to side to eliminate any high spots and smooth out the contours.  

Sanding the neck

Final sanding is done with sandpaper strips.

Neck cap

Finally, the neck cap is added to the body at the neck joint.


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